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The 2017 MBSC Extension for Advanced Students is July 10-14, 2017.
During the Extension, students get to perform WITH faculty members in small bands, receive private lessons, and participate in a variety of workshops. This special program is only available to Professionals and Advanced High School and College students.

The Extension will feature 7 or 8 faculty members and a maximum of 40 students. To see videos from last year's performances, click here: Extension Performances

2017 Extension Faculty!
  Darol Anger, Mike Block, Hanneke Cassel, Courtney Hartman, Greg Liszt, Kimber Ludiker, Joe Walsh
More to be confirmed soon!
How to Apply For The MBSC Extension
1) Fill out the online application and pay $50 Deposit:
The application deadline is June 15, 2017, or until all spaces are filled. To ensure acceptance, apply early – we fill up earlier each year!
2) Pay Remaining $700 of Full Fee for Tuition/Food or $550 (no food).
Full tuition is due July 1, 2017.
Click to Apply for MBSC Extension
Full Fee for the Extension is $750, covering Tuition and Food for 5 days . Because of a uniquely low student-teacher ratio, scholarships are unfortunately not available for the Extension. Price listed does not include lodging. See Lodging page for more information.
When the Extension fills up, there are still additional slots available for Auditors, who can participate in all workshops/jams, observe any Extension activities, but not receive private lessons or play in Bands. Auditors pay half-tuition, and must be approved by the camp director. Email MikeBlockStringCamp@gmail.com if interested.
MBSC Extension Week
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Each student will receive a unique, personalized list of Bands and Private Lesson assignments, based off of stated preferences at time of application.

Band Session (BS): Students play in faculty-led bands and learn new repertoire, improvisation, and various other techniques through the guidance of their faculty band-leader. (Each student will be a member of 3 bands) Workshops (WS): Each teacher will lead one workshop on a subject of their choosing for any students not in a BS. (Each student will participate in 2 workshops)
Community Meetings (CM): Each teacher will present a 1/2 hour demonstration and Q&A session about their personal artistic and professional journey. Private Lessons (PL): Each student receives a half hour private lesson with a teacher of their choice.
Individual Time (IT): If you need to relax and let your brain rest, or if you just want to practice on your own. Hotel Jamming: Jamming is as Jamming does.
Beach Time: The hotel's back door opens up to a beautiful beach where most of the campers and faculty hang out after classes. Public Performances: Participants will play in two performances as part of the Vero Beach International Music Festival.

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