Choose which program you’re interested in participating below, and click the link to fill out the online form. Application deadline is June 1st.

Mike Block String Camp | Collaborative Track

Mike Block String Camp “Collaborative Track”

Open to all levels, from professionals to kids, as well as amateur adults, this is the primary camp experience and community, previously known as the “Main Week,” that has been running since 2010. Faculty provide instruction in multiple traditions and styles, teaching repertoire, ornamentation, chords, grooves, improvisation, and jamming skills. We maintain a low student-teacher ratio in group classes, which are thoughtfully divided by ability level, so that everyone learns alongside peers. Creative work is done in small bands that self-form during the week. In your band, you will arrange music you learn at camp, receive coaching from various faculty members, gain feedback in masterclasses, and perform for public audiences at the end. The Collaborative Track is limited to 100 participants.

Mike Block String Camp | Apprentice

The “Apprentice” Track for Advanced Players

If you have already have extensive experience learning by ear, collaborating in bands, and playing non-classical styles at a professional level, then you can choose between two experiences: the “Collaborative Track,” as explained above, or the “Apprentice Track.” Instead of self-forming bands with other participants, players accepted into the Apprentice Track (formerly known as the "Extension", founded in 2012) play in faculty-led bands that simulate a professional experience of accelerated learning/rehearsing with more sustained and direct guidance from the faculty band-leader. A variety of additional educational experiences (e.g., private lessons, workshops, jams, performances) are included throughout the week.  Assignments for private lessons and bands are customized for each participant, based on your preferences stated on your application. The Apprentice Track is limited to 20 participants.


The fee for MBSC is $750 per student. This includes BOTH tuition and meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are organized for all participants (both local and non-local) from Monday through Saturday.

Family members of participants may also buy into our 6-day food plan for an additional $150

The deadline for Fee Payment is due June 1.


We are passionate about helping students to attend our camp and are excited to offer a limited number of need-based scholarships! In exchange for scholarships, participants/parents may be asked to help out with camp activities, such as meal set-up/clean-up, airport pick-ups, concert set-up, etc.. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please submit your camp application above in addition to the scholarship application below.   

The deadline for scholarship applications is May 15.

After you have been notified of your Scholarship decision, you will be notified about paying your remaining Tuition balance. The deadline for Fee Payment is due June 1.